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项目地址 / 重庆市渝北区龙溪街道红锦大道89号

                  No.89, Hongjin Avenue, Longxi Street, Yubei District, Chongqing City

设计阶段 / 方案设计 招标图及文件 施工配合

                  Schematic Develoopment, Tender drawings&document, construction administration

项目状态 / 已完工


开发商 / 重庆中渝


景观方案设计 / SWA, H&A, Gloria architect


摄影师 / 鲁冰

// 能量旱喷 Dry fountain @ Energy Plaza //

“水予以万物翅膀…… 唯有在水中,我们才能真实地感受到空间之三维。”   —— 查尔斯·摩尔


“Water gives things wings… Only in water can we truly grasp the three-dimensionality of space.”   —— Charles Moore



SHINKONG-PLACE is a commercial body created by Taiwan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Group in cooperation with Chongqing Zhongyu Property Development Co., Ltd. The place is located in Jiazhou business circle in Yubei District of Chongqing, is the core business circle of downtown area in Chongqing, and is the core of integrating business administration, finance, housing and transportation.



Sushui Design strives to the perfect combination of waterscape art and fountain technology, focuses on waterscape design consulting and waterscape art service. This article will share with everyone three different waterscapes in our project from three aspects of design, art and technology.

▼广场一览 View of squares



Dry fountain, located in the energy square, where is the core area of the commercial atrium. In view of this water-scape, we hope to put forward a perfect solution, which can balance art and technology. On the premise of safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, the flexibility and beauty of water will be presented in the landscape environment, inject aura and vitality into the square paved with hard materials.

· 水景的艺术 The Art of Waterscape


1、直喷 Vertical jet




The vertical jet of transparent water column makes the whole square space transparent and bright, and the water column will not block the sight line and affect the traffic streamline. At the same time, the vertical jet pressure of the transparent water column is smaller and the safety performance is high.


▼直喷喷泉 Vertical jet



After the combination of light and music, water lines will be formed that are independent of each other, but can match the overall change.


▼夜间效果 Night View

2、跳泉 Jumping jets




Jumping jets gather in the center of the square in the form of natural parabolas, and can be more closely related to people than direct injection.


▼跳泉与小朋友的互动 Interaction between jets and children

▼跳泉 Jumping jets

3、雾效 Fog Effect




We hid the fog effect equipment in the intercepting ditch on the outer circle of the square, keeping the clean and fresh of ground. In summer, water mist can cool the square and at the same time, it can also combine with lights to bloom colors at night.


▼白天的雾效 Fog effect during day

▼夜间结合灯光的雾效 Fog effect of combining lighting with night

4、细节 Details


▼涌泉 Foam jets

▼涌泉与小朋友的互动 Interaction between foam jets and children

· 喷泉的技术 Technology of Fountain


安全 – 创新 – 节能 Safety – Innovation – Energy Conservation


我们采用独立控制的低压潜水泵来代替高压水泵,如此可以节约75%的能量,通过序列和高度控制程序每个水泵的运作,用电量更低。此外还减少了连接管线以及缩小了水泵和喷头之间的距离,从而减少摩擦损失并节约了水景机房的空间及建设费用。另外,采用了DMX简易控制系统, 从而更加高效节能地实现喷泉的多种模式表现。


We use an independently controlled low-pressure submerged pump to replace the high-pressure water pump, which can save 75% of the energy and produce lower power consumption through the sequence and height control program to operate each water pump. In addition, it also reduces the connecting pipeline and the distance between water pump and spray head, thus reducing the friction loss and saving the space and construction cost of the waterscape machine room. In addition, DMX simple control system is adopted, so as to realize multi-mode performance of fountain more efficiently and energy conservation.


▼平面示意图 Plane sketch

▼剖面示意图 Section diagram



The design of waterscape is not only limited to the layout of spray heads on the landscape surface and the design water-shaped light, but also focused on the design of an efficient fountain system. Efficient fountain system design can help the fountain run stably, automatically and intelligently, which greatly saves the maintenance cost and convenience of customers.


▼水景机房轴测图 Axonometric drawing of waterscape machine room



BIM, information model greatly helps fountain construction and information management, and also provides strong support for later maintenance and property management.


▼水景机房透视图 Perspective drawing of waterscape machine room

//下沉花园水景 Waterscape of sunken garden//



Located on the basement of the square, the direct injection fountain with the pillar as its core is like a spinning nebula. The change of fountain shape adds more vitality to the leisure space under the colonnade.


▼俯视图 Bird View

▼平面图 Plan

▼水型示意图 Schematic diagram of water shape

//小内街水景 Waterscape of inner street//



The waterscape is located on the first floor and is the nearest entrance which connects the bus station, subway and taxi. The centripetal parabolic spring in the inner circle of the circular pool, matched with independent corresponding light control, focuses the line of sight in the center. The central point is decorated with primitive flower basket fountains to echo the green ceiling at the top and the surrounding primitive design style.


▼效果图 Effect Drawing

▼细部 Detail

▼平面图 Plan

▼剖面图 Section Drawing







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